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New Canned Wine Is Trendy Convenient Fun

New Canned Wine Is Trendy Convenient Fun

Canned Wine

Showing up at a party with a canned wine is always a welcome gesture. Canned wine is available in cans of different shapes and sizes. The popularity of canned wine has increased over the years and it is more than just a fad. In 2012, it generated about $1.9 million. In 2016, the numbers increased to $6.4 million. At last count sales totaled $28 million in 2017. Cans are trendy, fun, and popular for holding beverage because of their portability and convenience. They are affordable and it is possible to use them in places where glass is not allowed. Canned wine tastes just as great as bottled wine. The next time you buy canned wine, consider the following fun and tasty wines.

Underwood Pinot Gris Wine Can

The Underwood Pinot Gris comes in a cute and fun can that seals in freshness without compromising on quality and a unique tasting experience. It is tasty with a pleasant aroma of citrus fruits and pineapples. It has a hint of an elegant lemongrass. The wine has a crisp, delicious taste that is perfect for a relaxed evening or a fun occasion.

Babe Rosé With Bubbles Can

Babe Rose tastes just as great as it looks. It is a bubbly pink wine with excellent flavors and aroma. The little can is convenient for travel and discretion. It is a great wine option for cheese tasting or Italian dishes. The light and delicious wine has the aroma of strawberry, floral notes, and watermelon. It is the perfect wine for your fun summer activities.

Other great options for canned wine include; Barefoot Spritzers, Francis Ford Coppola Sofia Brut Rosé, House Wine Rosé Bubbles Can, Bollicini Sparkling Cuvée Can, and Underwood Pinot Noir Can. Visit The Best Wine Store to find other great options when you wish to buy canned wine.